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At KimLaw, we are passionate about using our legal platform to support and defend our clients during one of the most confusing, and stressful times of his or her life. We work on each case as if it is our own family member's case. We will first take the time to listen carefully to understand your case, concerns and goals. We will develop your case strategy that accomplishes your goals in the most affordable and effective way. We generally charge flat-fees based on the facts and charges of criminal case. With our flat-fees, there is certainty what it will cost you in attorney fees for your case. There will be no surprises and no unforeseen bills. Follow the links to the Contact Us page and provide your information so that we can contact you. Or call us at 202-905-2442 or email us at info@kimlaw.us for a free consultation.

Daniel is an attorney with extensive experience in the intersection of law, business and technology.   Daniel has over 25 years of electronic evidence consulting, corporate advisory, and Cybersecurity career track record.
A former US. Justice Department prosecutor, Mark Rasch’s career spans more than 30 years of white collar crime and corporate and government cybersecurity, computer privacy, regulatory compliance, computer forensics and incident response.

Eric J. Hazelrigg

Trace Evidence Consultant

Eric Hazelrigg is an experienced trace evidence examiner and testfying expert.  He served 18 years as a forensic scientist at the Virginia Department of Forensic Science.  He is currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the Forensic Science Department.

Practice Areas

Traffic Tickets / Speeding

Virginia speeding tickets are generally issued as infractions rather than crimes. However, some speeding tickets may be issued as misdemeanors. Unless a court appearance is mandatory, you can pay your fine before your scheduled court day. However, paying means you are pleading guilty, which can result in serious and costly consequences on your driving privileges and your insurance premiums.

DUI/DWI Defense

If you have been charged with a DUI, then the stakes are high. Even if it is your first offense or your situation is more serious, you need a competent and passionate defense attorney on your side who will immediately work diligently to keep you out of jail, challenge the prosecution’s evidence, reduce fines and preserve your license to drive.

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense is not something to be messed with. You should contact your Virginia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. From traffic crimes to drug crimes, we will assemble a competent and diligent team who will passionately represent your interest for the best results possible.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crimes are on the rise, and the laws governing them are becoming more strict. In the privacy of your own home you may not even realize that what you are doing is a serious crime. Were you arrested in a police sting in which an undercover agent communicated with you through the Internet while pretending to be a minor? Were you arrested because the police seized a computer or cell phone that contains child pornography?


Recent Results

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING:  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  Results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each representation.  Any results portrayed here were dependent on the facts of the particular matters and the results will differ if based on different facts.

2017/09/xxAssault and Battery resulting in bodily injuryDismissed (Accord and Satisfaction)
2017/09/xxPOSSESSION OF MARIJUANADismiss upon completion of community service
2017/09/xx(1) DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSP 4th; (2) Reckless Driving; (3) Failure to Appear(1) Reduced to NO DRIVERS LICENSE; (2) Reduced to Failure to Obey Highway Sign; (3) Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/09/xxNO DRIVER`S LICENSE 4TH No active jail time
2017/09/xxDRIV UNDER REVO/SUSP 2ND Reduced to NO DRIVERS LICENSE. No active jail time
2017/08/xxDRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSION(w/Notice)Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/08/xx(1) DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSION(w/Notice) 3RD ; (2) Failure to Appear(1) Reduced to DOS 2ND; (2) Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/08/xx(1) FAIL TO PAY RENTAL VEHICLE ; (2) DRUNK IN PUBLICRestitution. Nolle Prosequi all charges (dismissal of charge)
2017/08/xxRECKLESS DRIVING 92/70Reduced to Improper Driving
2017/08/xxFAIL TO OBEY HIGHWAY SIGNReduced to non-moving violation. 0 point
2017/07/xx RECKLESS DRIVING 75/45Dismiss upon DIP
2017/07/xx DWI, 1STReduced to Reckless Driving
2017/07/xx (1) RECKLESS DRIVING ; (2) DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSIONDismiss upon completion of community service
2017/07/xxFOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY; MULTI-VEHICLE ACCIDENTSNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/07/xxROBBERYBail Bond granted $2000
2017/07/xx DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSION 3+ OFFENSENolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/06/xx(1) Driving on Suspended 2nd; (2) Failure to have vechicle inspected(1) Amended to no operator license and $10 fine; (2) Nolle Prosequi
2017/06/xxRECKLESS DRIVINGNot guilty
2017/05/xx(1) POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA - 5TH; (2) DRUNK IN PUBLIC(1) No active jail; (2) Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/05/xxSOLICITATION OF ADULT - ADVANCE PAY, NO CONSTRUCTION - Failure to perform promise for construction, etc., in return for advances >$200Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/05/xx54/35 SpeedingReduced to non-moving violation
2017/05/xx(1)Strangulation of another; (2) Abduction and kidnapping; (3) Assault and battery against a family or household member(1)Nolle Prosequi; (2) Nolle Prosequi; (3) Amended to Simple Assult
2017/05/xxIMPROPER/ERRATIC LANE CHANGEReduced to 0 point non-moving violation
2014/04/##(1)TRESPASS AFTER FORBIDDEN; (2)OBSTRUCT JUSTICE W/O FORCE; (3)DISORD CONDUCT(1) No active jail; (2) Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge); (3) Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/04/##(1)CONCEALED WEAPON: CARRY ; (2) Failure to AppearNolle Prosequi both charges (dismissal of charges)
2017/03/##ASSAULT AND BATTERY AGAINST A FAMILY OR HOUSEHOLD MEMBERNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/03/##RECKLESS DRIVING (ACCIDENT)Reduced to non-moving violation
2017/03/##UNAUTH POSSESSION: DRUG PARANolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/03/##NO DRIVERS LICENSE (Misdemeanor - multiple NOL prior conviction history)No active jail time
2017/03/##DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSION(w/Notice)No active jail time
2017/03/##65/35 RECKLESS DRIVING Reduced to infraction
2017/03/## FAILURE TO SECURE LOADReduced to non-moving violation
2017/03/##FAIL TO OBEY HIGHWAY SIGNReduced to non-moving violation
2017/03/##SALE, DISTRIBUTE MARIJUANANolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/03/##DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSPENSIONNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/03/##77/45 RECKLESS DRIVING Dismiss upon DIP
2017/02/##PUBLIC SWEARING/INTOXICATIONAmended to TRESPASSING and Deferred Disposition
2017/02/##51/35 SPEEDINGReduced to non-moving violation
2017/02/##FAIL PAY FULL TIME & ATTENTIONNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/02/##80/55 RECKLESSReduced to infraction
Deferred Disposition - Dismissed
2017/01/##POSS. OF A CONCEALED WEAPONNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/01/##DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSP;2ND OFFENNolle Prosequi (dismissal of charge)
2017/01/##90/55 RECKLESSNo active jail time
2017/01/##CONCEALED WEAPON: CARRYDeferred Disposition - To be Dismissed

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